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Don Wilson

As an engaging leader and speaker, Don has held several pastoral and leadership positions. In 1982, he and his wife Sue started Christ’s Church of the Valley in his living room, and it expanded to include eight campuses in the greater Phoenix area with attendance over 27,000 and a 300-person staff.

In addition Don has conducted leadership training for over 7,000 pastors and leaders internationally. He has a special ability to relate to all age groups and demographics as well as corporate leaders.

Don Married Sue in 1968 and they have three children whose families are all in the full time ministry; plus eleven grandkids. They recently launched Accelerate Group with a primary purpose to address the challenges of pastors and wives across the US and beyond. Some statistics indicate an 80%+ dropout rate of pastors within the first five years of ministry due to the demands of the job. Accelerate.Group also focuses on leadership selection and transition, governance and role definitions to enable organizations to function more effectively.
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Mike Nave

Mike Nave’s professional background is in information technology and business, with an emphasis on global business services in executive roles. Mike has also provided consultation and leadership training for church boards. Being a pastor's son, Mike has a heart for church leaders and their success.

Mike has been an active member of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona since 1998 and has served on the elder board. Mike and his wife Karen have three married sons and six grandchildren, threes boy and three girls; all are active in their local churches in Arizona, California, and Texas.
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Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson has been married to Paula (yes that’s right Paul and Paula) since 1993. They have 4 children…a son who is a youth pastor in Peoria AZ, a daughter who is studying missions and art in Europe, a daughter who is studying nursing and missions in TN, and a high school daughter who is the best athlete in the family.

A youth pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in AZ for over 15 years, he then transitioned to adult ministries and wore many pastoral hats at CCV. Paul then started a church in AZ and led the church for 5 years.

Paul can relate to many roles in ministry…church planter, Sr. Pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, etc.

He has devoted this stage of his life to serving local church pastors and encouraging them and their families in any way possible. Paul joined the accelerate group in January of 2019.
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Kevin Segal

Kevin and Pam Segal we’re married in 1996 at what is now Life Bridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO. They have three teenage children, two boys and a girl.

Kevin’s Pastoral roles include Sports Outreach Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Director positions in the non-profit sector. These roles have taken him to KY, IN, and AZ.

The desire to see the Kingdom expand is Kevin’s primary focus. He wears many hats as he works diligently to support the day to day operations at Accelerate Group.
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