Our Journey

In 1982, Pastor Don Wilson and his wife Sue started Christ Church of the Valley (CCV) in his living room and expanded it to eight campuses in the greater Phoenix area. Under their leadership, CCV became one of the Valley’s fastest growing churches with attendance of over 27,000 and a staff of over 300 individuals.

Having held several pastoral and leadership positions for over 35 years, Pastor Don is considered a trusted guide and leader in the industry. An engaging speaker, he has conducted leadership trainings for over 7,000 pastors and leaders internationally. His special ability to relate to all age groups, demographics and corporate leaders, influences Accelerate Group’s relevancy across the variable needs of Pastor and Spouse couples.

After faithfully serving Christ Church of the Valley (CCV) for 35 years. In 2018 Pastor Don & Sue launched Accelerate Groupwith a primary purpose to address the challenges of Pastor and Spouse couples across the US and internationally.

They have assembled an experienced team that is able to assess the needs of Pastor and Spouse couples and churches, address elder and leader issues, and assist with leadership transitions and strategic planning. Accelerate Group also focuses on leadership selection and transition, governance and role definitions to enable organizations to function more effectively.
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