Areas of Focus


Personal Growth
Ministry Phases
Staff Development
Growing a church and its staff requires a pastor to continually grow his own personal leadership skills. Our goal is to help you assess and navigate the changes needed to move to the next level.


Balancing Family
Ministry Role
A pastor's wife has many supportive roles that are often unseen. These roles are critical to the success of the church, their marriage and family. Our desire is to help you find balance and joy.


Elder Role
Next Generation
Church leaders and volunteers are important and key to achieving success. Our goal is to encourage and train church leaders to develop an attitude of team and trust.


Growth Barriers
Leader Transitions
Strategic Planning
One of the most difficult challenges for a church is repeatable success. Our goal is to help you achieve success through each stage of growth.

From Our Clients...

"If you want to jumpstart growth in your church, one invitation to Accelerate.Group will do just that. Our team was challenged to find new solutions, inspired to dream and motivated to make changes. After taking Accelerate.Group’s advice our church immediately grow 20%."
"I’ve never encountered a group that is more dedicated to lifting up pastors and their wives. Accelerate.Group does everything with excellence and a heart for pastors and their families."
"Our time with the Accelerate.Group was by far the most impactful leadership weekend I have ever experienced. Don and Mike didn’t just come to us with canned formulas and curriculum. They genuinely listened to where we are as an elder team and provided real feedback and real solutions."
"My wife and I were able to get away and find a safe place to share with other couples that were going through similar ministry challenges. We were spoiled and it felt good to be appreciated."


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